Nature's Gifts: Coconut Oil

By Jodie Robins 

Mother Nature’s generosity never ceases to amaze us at R&L, it’s one of the reason’s we’re passionate about our environmental impact from the ground up. In recent years Coconut oil has been having a moment in the mainstream media for its multi-purpose qualities when it comes to beauty, health and even housework.  


Rich in fatty acids that help Cholesterol, brain function and even benefit weight maintenance/loss, Coconut oil should definitely be present in your diet if it isn’t already. It has also been linked with Oral health and many (including supermodel Miranda Kerr) swear by Oil Pulling as a way to banish bad breath amongst other issues. Unlike other natural Oil’s – Coconut is much easier for your Pancreas to process, and therefore helps speed up your metabolism while simultaneously curbing appetite and unhealthy cravings. The MCT’s found in Coconut oil have also been linked with improving memory and the treatment of early Alzheimer’s.


However the benefits aren’t limited internally – Coconut Oil has been used to moisturise skin, nourish hair and even as an anti-bacterial aid for years. Especially recommended for those who suffer from dry skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, Coconut Oil is a gentle and natural way to look after yourself (and the rest of your loved ones) inside and out.