Who are robb & lulu

Robb & Lulu is the passion, and namesake, of designer duo Robert Zagame and Lulu Zagame.

The pair are known for their luxury swimwear, and resort wear, which are internationally renowned and have featured in Miami Swim Week.

Robb & Lulu is a true collaborative effort. Robert Zagame, primarily known as a Melbourne based business mogul, fulfils his long held, secret passion for designing women’s swimwear, while Lulu Zagame, a celebrated illustrator and designer, creates artful illustrations and prints, and curates fabric for all of the pair’s swimsuits. Every piece is designed in Australia, and before illustrations are transformed into luxurious prints, they are first thought of as works of art. 

Rob and Lulu aren’t just partners in business. The pair met and fell in love, and decided to combine their artistic passions to create a truly unique line of swimwear, that perfectly embodies their wild spirits, and love for each other.


Robb & Lulu is wearable art; designed for the bold, the creative, the showstoppers. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place.