Who are Robb & Lulu? Australian duo Robert Zagame and Lulu Zagame.

Who is Robert Zagame? Rob is a kinda scary-looking Melbourne based business mogul who has been concealing a secret passion since he was a teenager… he just loves designing women’s clothes!

Who is Lulu Zagame? Lulu is a wild looking vivacious long haired lass with no secrets who has been a celebrated illustrator and designer since she could, well, breathe.

How did the label come about? Rob and Lulu met, fell in love and decided to combine their design forces to generate some seriously distinctive fashion pleasure for us all.

What is the formula for creating a Robb & Lulu piece? 1 x intricate Lulu illustration or fabric creation + 1 x edgy Rob design = 1 x funky Robb & Lulu piece.

Who will love the label most? People who love art, crave attention and want to stand out from the crowd. You are probably a black sheep in the family, a cat among pigeons or a tall poppy. You like to be noticed! Damn you got style!

Who will not love the label? Normal sheep. Pigeons. Short poppies.

A two word description of the label? Wearable art.